🚀 The Ultimate Guide to Increase AOV

The TL;DR:


  • Let’s Chat D2C: The Ultimate Guide to Increase AOV–my favorite tactics to increase AOV for Shopify stores.
  • What I’m Thinking about this Week: It’s never too early to start planning your BFCM strategy.
  • The D2Z Podcast: This week, I sat down with Aaron Roper, Director of Agency Partnerships at Rebuy, to chat about an evolving Shopify ecosystem and what makes a successful partnership program.
  • App Highlight - Novel: A new engagement channel for Shopify merchants through Apple and Google wallet passes.
  • Upcoming Events: I’ll be in NYC until the 16th (assuming my flights stop getting canceled)!


Random tip: Book 2 flights anywhere you’re going somewhere important and just cancel the backup if your original one takes off (book with miles and get a full refund, or if you book with cash, you’ll get a trip credit towards a future flight).


Let’s Chat D2C - The Ultimate Guide to Increase AOV


The math is simple. If your store does 20,000 orders per month, and you increase AOV by just $1, that’s an extra $20,000 in topline revenue! I put together a guide walking through my favorite tactics to increase AOV for our Shopify stores.


What I’m Thinking About This Week - It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for BFCM


BFCM will be hectic as always, and given last year, I expect promotions to start weeks in advance! So, if you haven’t started your BFCM planning yet, this is your warning to do so.

I’ll provide a guide next week around all the different types of promotions you could run, plus some other miscellaneous tips and tricks.


This Week’s The D2Z Podcast

#65 – Agency Partnerships and an Evolving Shopify Ecosystem with Director of Agency Partnerships at Rebuy, Aaron Roper

🎧 Listen Now 🎧

In this week’s episode, I sat down with Aaron Roper, Director of Agency Partnerships at Rebuy. Specifically, we explored the following:

💰 Agency transformations via mergers and acquisitions

📲 How Rebuy empowers its agency partners to succeed

😎 Outcome-based certification programs 

🚀 Glimpses into upcoming developments from Rebuy


App Highlight – Novel


❓ What is It: A new engagement channel through Apple and Google wallet passes.

🏅 Differentiator: Novel offers a no-code platform for brands to launch Apple and Google passes that will live in their customers’ mobile wallets. This new channel amplifies existing retention strategies through integrations that automatically log customers in and goes a step further by enabling the brand to send Push Notifications (without an app) and enabling customers and affiliates to do Conversational Referrals via QR code or SMS.

Overall, brands have seen, at minimum, a 10% LTV lift, and it takes minutes to set up. It’s a no-brainer IMO.

💰 Starting Price: 30-day free trial, starts at $99/month + $.05/pass usage fee (with other plans for large brands) 

🚀 How we use it: To increase customer LTV and acquire new customers for our brands via:


  • Conversational referrals via QR code/SMS 
  • Opt-out Push Notifications (no extra click for your customers to enable!)
  • Integrations with all major Subscription, Loyalty, and Referral players


Learn more here!


Upcoming Events

Assuming I can figure out how to get to New York this week with all of my flights getting canceled, I’ll be at the GROW Founder Dinner with DTCx on Monday night, the Commerce Conversations Afterparty on Tuesday night hosted by Absolute Web, and hopping around the area with Bella until Sunday the 16th! Let me know if you’re in NYC and want to connect.


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