Brandon Amoroso's "Think Z" book

Redefine success for the next era!

Discover the Gen Z approach to business. "Think Z" takes you on an inspiring journey with Gen Z entrepreneur, Brandon Amoroso, who turned a humble idea into a thriving business in just three years, from nothing to acquisition.

Revealing The Gen Z Thought Process

“Think Z” serves as a framework for other aspiring leaders to use as they pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors. From cultivating a culture of innovation to fostering direct customer relationships, “Think Z” offers a fresh and sustainable blueprint for the future of business, leveraging the successes and failures of Brandon’s own entrepreneurial journey. In today’s world of uncertainty and constant change, a new powerful approach is needed that focuses on thriving people and strong customer relationships.

It’s time to rethink business.

What You Need to Know About Brandon

Brandon Amoroso is the founder of Shopify Plus agency Electriq and a 2023 Forbes 30under30 Miami awardee. He built the agency to oversee more than 55 brands and 45 team members in just three years before acquired it in April 2022. As a Gen Z entrepreneur, Brandon's business approach focuses on creating empowered and thriving teams as a key driver of business success. His entrepreneurial endeavors work to break the mold and develop innovation for clients and their customers.

Above all, Brandon is passionate about building businesses in industries that are rife with inefficiencies and legacy biases and processes. His new startup, SCALIS, was cofounded last year with his brother Parker, a recent graduate of Stanford, after Brandon’s frustrations with the hiring process and difficulty finding qualified and diverse talent, and Parker’s experience applying for internships. SCALIS is the world’s first fully-integrated job board and ATS platform, leveraging AI and machine learning to democratize hiring by matching relevant candidates with relevant employers. The product will be publicly available in February of 2024.

Praise for Think Z

"I've worked with Brandon for 3 years as a partner since the early days of Electriq. They've been one of our most valuable partners through referral agreements, supporting our mutual clients, and as a thought leader at our largest conferences. What's unique about Brandon and Electriq is that they are constantly innovating and are almost always one of the earliest adopters of new technologies and playbooks. Brandon has been instrumental in helping us enable hundreds of ecommerce agencies in "retention services" around our platform.

Billy McClennan Former Director of global partnerships and Business development @ Gorgias

"Whether it was smart or reckless, who is to say, but Brandon fearlessly starting Electriq so early taught him some lessons before the age of 25 that most people aren't lucky enough to learn in an entire career. By building something from 1 to 50 to acquisition, he played every role, made every mistake, and now is a sage when it comes to scaling an organization.

Brandon was an invaluable onramp into the ecommerce ecosystem for us at Superfiliate, introducing us to our most mission critical customers and partners in the early days. The trust he's built in the ecosystem allowed us to enter any conversation on the right foot and close deals that changed the trajectory of our business."

Andy Cloyd Co-Founder & CEO

"In all my years of partnerships, both agency side and tech side, I’ve never seen an agency rise from virtual anonymity to market leader as quickly as Electriq. Brandon possesses a natural curiosity that leads him to push the boundaries of ecommerce marketing and innovate. He’s one of the most intelligent, ambitious and driven business leaders that I’ve had the opportunity to work with. It is a privilege to call him a partner and a friend."

Rachel Tyers SVP, Marketing & Partnerships at Okendo

"Brandon has been one of the most innovative leaders in the space for the past 4 years. Brandon has always found a way to drive value at the intersection of commerce. Breaking out on the scene with the wedge of GenZ branding to building lasting relationships across the brand, agency, and tech players in the space he's constantly hustling to help startups build the next great brand."

Jeremy Horowitz Sr. Manager Partner Marketing