Hey there! Quick intro...

I'm the founder and President of Shopify Plus agency Electriq.

I built the business to 45 team members in just three years before DRINKS.com acquired it in April 2022.

We've achieved the highest certifications available for the DTC industry, including Shopify Plus, Klaviyo Elite, Attentive Pioneer, Okendo Platinum, and more; including the exclusive Recharge Innovative Partner of the Year award.

The D2Z Podcast

Gen Z entrepreneur and DTC agency leader Brandon Amoroso talks with some of the best in the marketing world.

Podcast Appearances

Check out a couple of my recent appearances!
  • Conversational Marketing in 2022

    I sat down and chatted with Jeremy from Messenger Mastermind about conversational marketing, covering the 11 automated email/SMS flows every brand needs, where I see media spend going in 2022, and a good case for why now is the time for brands to build exclusive apps.

  • Organic Social Media

    I sit down with Bryan Meert from Duke of Digital to chat about improving your organic reach on social media. Who doesn't love free traffic?

  • Being a 22 year old founder

    I sat down with Rubin Dua, the founder of Dubb, to chat about what it's like being a 22-year-old founder.



I can say a million things but it doesn't matter if the execution and proof of results isn't there!
  • Brandon is a wealth of knowledge! He is efficient, patient and has increased the traffic to our site. Would recommend!

    Erin Wexstten

    Founder, Oxalis Apothecary

  • "electrIQ plays a valuable role for us in supporting our digital marketing channels, including giving a fresh perspective to existing internal teams and pioneering new strategies."

    Zac Brandenberg


  • What I appreciate most from Brandon and his team is their ability to act quickly, provide innovative recommendations across platforms, and their responsiveness. They provide detailed reporting on a monthly basis and are flexible with budget, which is an issue smaller brands tend to run into with typical paid agencies in the industry. My positive experiences with their team has led me to recommend them to other colleagues and partners.

    Tracy Lowy

    Marketing Director, Seemore Meats & Veggies

  • Bringing on support from Brandon and Nikki has been a game changer for us. They are easy to work with, help with both strategy and execution, and are even open to offer insights into areas outside of email+sms. Most importantly, the numbers speak for themselves. All of our KPI's have continued to improve by wide margins since we brought on their support: open rates, click through rates, and revenue attributed to email + sms.

    Christina Yglesias

    Integrated Marketing Manager, Jinx

  • electrIQ has done incredible work assisting OneSkin with email marketing/sms. The team is responsive, creative and the performance has been great both in terms of engagement as well as revenue.

    Carolina Reis

    Founder, One Skin

  • Brandon and his team at electrIQ have been a strong support to my digital marketing efforts. They are knowledgable, responsive, fair in their pricing, and have a real grasp of modern marketing environment. I highly recommend you work with them if you have the need and opportunity.

    Michael Harinen

    CMO, Head & Heal



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