Agency Partnerships and a Evolving DTC Marketplace with Rebuy's Aaron Roper - 65

Agency Partnerships and a Evolving DTC Marketplace with Rebuy's Aaron Roper - 65


In this episode of the D2Z podcast, we have an enlightening conversation with Aaron Roper from Rebuy, a leading platform in the Shopify ecosystem.

We start by exploring the evolution of the Shopify ecosystem over time and how agencies have transformed into big conglomerates through mergers and acquisitions. Aaron sheds light on the changing dynamics and the impact it has on the industry as a whole.

We then dive into how Rebuy collaborates with agencies and interacts with tech partners to deliver exceptional solutions. Aaron shares insights into how Rebuy empowers and facilitates agency partners, highlighting the important role they play in the success of tech solution providers.

Certification programs have become increasingly crucial, and we discuss the significance of doing them well. Aaron shares his perspectives on how Rebuy ensures its certification programs meet the highest standards and deliver value to partners and customers alike.

As the platform evolves, we explore what to expect from Rebuy in the future. Aaron provides exciting glimpses into upcoming developments and enhancements, giving listeners a sneak peek into the future of the platform.

Lastly, we delve into the world of referral programs and their importance in driving growth and expanding customer reach. Aaron shares valuable insights on how businesses can leverage referral programs effectively to foster customer loyalty and generate new business opportunities.

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