The Power of E-commerce Partnerships with Cade Proulx - 79

The Power of E-commerce Partnerships with Cade Proulx - 79


Cade Proulx, Head of Partnerships at Sendlane, joins host Brandon Amoroso to delve into his fascinating entrepreneurial journey and the dynamic world of e-commerce partnerships. Cade's journey spans from brokering a $10 million series C deal at a young age to his current role at Sendlane, where he spearheads partnership initiatives. He shares insights into the challenges of pivoting a business, the critical role trust plays between entrepreneurs and investors, and the evolving dynamics in the post-COVID business landscape.


One of the key takeaways from this conversation is the emphasis on quality over quantity in partnerships. Cade highlights the importance of fostering meaningful relationships where there's a mutual exchange of value and trust. Whether partnering with large agencies or boutique firms, Cade believes that the percentage of business contributed to each other is more valuable than sheer numbers. This perspective offers valuable insights for businesses seeking to establish and maintain strong partnerships in the ever-evolving e-commerce ecosystem.


The episode also sheds light on Sendlane's unique position in the email marketing landscape, with its competitive pricing, robust features, and strong support system. As businesses explore alternatives to other email marketing platforms, Cade discusses Sendlane's growth and its commitment to building a partnerships program that collaborates with more agencies and tech partners.


For professionals in the tech startup and e-commerce space, this episode offers a wealth of insights and lessons on navigating these dynamic industries. Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and stay tuned for more episodes like this.

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