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Now that I’m permanently settled into my new place, I’m finally formally kicking off my weekly newsletter! If you are getting this then count yourself as one of a few trusted individuals I wanted to bring into this process early. I’m interested in your feedback. Specifically I’m looking to understand what would provide you with the most value. What would you look forward to reading?

So far I’ve heard:

  • Klaviyo & Attentive
  • CRO
  • Macro Ecomm Trends
  • Learnings, Case Studies, and General Strategies
  • LTV!!
  • Everything Retention Marketing
  • Website Experience

Just reply to this email and let me know what you want to learn and hear more about!

My goal for this newsletter is to keep folks up to date on what’s going on both in my business world but also in the D2C space in general. The initial format will include an overall perspective about a particular topic–usually something that’s been on my mind for the week. I’ll also include something tactical or something that you can use in your business right away. And some trends I’m following that you may want to track as well.

Thank you for taking the time to check this out and let me know what you think! If you would’ve told teenager Brandon that more than 1 person would actually care enough about my insights that I’d have a newsletter, podcast, etc. etc. I would've told you that you were crazy!

Let’s Chat D2C

One area we’ve really been digging into with our clients is the repurchase frequency between orders #1 and #2 to see the following:

  • What % of customers are placing a 2nd order
  • Average # of days between order #1 and order #2   

For this case, we’ll focus on the average # of days between order #1 and order #2. Take the average # of days and set up the time delay in your replenishment flow to that # of days before sending an email and text reminder to your first-time customers.

📚 For example, if on average your customers take 43 days after order #1 to place order #2, set your time delay to 43 days.

This Week’s The D2Z Podcast

The Overlap of Retail and Online, and Building Brand Content with Shray Joshi

 🎧Listen Now🎧

 I sat down with Shray Joshi, former Head of Digital and Growth at Health-ade and now the CEO and Founder of Good Peeps, a digital marketing agency focused on brands with an online and in-store presence.

 We chat through:

📹 Content Strategies

😎 Building a Brand

🎥 Making Content for Today’s Consumption Habits

 One key takeaway from this episode is that there is a significant overlap between ecommerce and brick and mortar retail.

App Highlight—Simple Bundles

❓ What is It: Bundling App for Shopify.

🏅 Differentiator: Breaks orders down into individual SKUs so your 3PL doesn’t have to change their fulfillment process.

💰 Starting Price: Free up to 500 orders per month.

🚀 How we use it: A lot of brands struggle with e-commerce merchandising due to a lack of SKU counts or inability to create kits or bundles in their fulfillment center. It’s why I love using Simple Bundles with all of our clients. It’s such a simple way for your marketing team to create any number of bundle and kit combinations by mixing and matching individual SKUs on your site.

It's a great way to:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase AOV
  • Encourage Product Discovery
  • And more!

The best part is that the order is then broken down into the individual SKUs, so your 3PL or warehouse doesn’t have to change anything they’re doing, they just pack up the order as they normally would.

💡Pro-tip: One of my favorite things to do is to create an “Ultimate Bundle” or something with an extremely high MSRP, then discount it by 15 to 20%.

Looking Forward to Next Week

This week is all about partnerships for us. At Electriq, we are big fans of preaching LTV because it works not just because its a buzzword that provides cheap and easy ROI. In every facet of business we’ve realized investing in people is the best way to provide longevity all around (not just for merchants, but also for Electriq!).

One of Electriq’s team members, Karmen, had the brilliant idea of sharing Electriq’s network of leading tech partners and their knowledge with others who are interested in Partnerships or work in cultivating relationships. Our tech partners have broken down how to start, maintain, and grow partnerships.

Make sure to follow along on Linkedin here!

Upcoming Events

Go for Gold: Create a Post-Purchase Subscription Experience That Converts

When? Wednesday, June 22, 2PM EST

Join me and 4 of the brightest minds in the e-commerce industry as we chat through how to create a post-purchase experience that converts! I’ll be joined by:

  • Yaw Aning, Co-Founder & CEO @ Malomo
  • Eric Alder, VP of Partnerships @ Rebuy Engine
  • Dan Deren, Senior Partner Manager @ Klaviyo
  • Jenna Dobrin, Partner Manager @ Recharge Payments

Specifically, we’ll focus in on missed opportunities that brands should be taking advantage of in their post-purchase experience and how to build out a subscription program that not only converts first-time buyers but retains them. 

You can register here!


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