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The 17 Shopify Apps I would use to Start my Own Store: I updated the guide to the tech stack I would use to start my own Shopify store. You may notice this is now 17 instead of 15. I added in Loop for a returns app, something I'm beginning to focus more on as a customer retention lever as well as Carro.

D2Z Podcast: CEO of Apteo, a platform that helps ecommerce brands create hyper-personalized marketing from their customer data, and I sat down to discuss AI, segmentation, personalization, team building and more!

Subscription Retention & LTV Tactics: In case you missed, last week I sat down with the ARPU team in a live Q&A to discuss subscription retention and tactics to increase LTV!

Looking Forward to Next Week: We're onboarding with Glew, to automate reporting across all of our departments!

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