A/B testing at scale, subscription bundles, and more...

A/B testing at scale, subscription bundles, and more...

The TL;DR: 

  • Let’s Chat D2C - Klaviyo’s new A/B testing is a game changer for managing tests and leveraging insights at scale. And bundling is now native to Recharge!
  • Shopify’s $100M bet on Klaviyo - a tighter integration and customer data.
  • The D2Z Podcast: Chathri Ali, Head of Technology Partnerships at Klaviyo, sat down with me to chat through how to build out your tech stack, leveraging integrations to improve customer experience and the importance of SMS!
  • App Highlight - Fairing (formerly Enquire Labs): Post-purchase questions platform that you can leverage for attribution, zero-party data aggregation for personalization, sourcing feedback from customers, and CRO!
  • I’m headed to LA from 8/13 to 8/18; let me know if you’re around and want to get together!

Copywriting Note: Your customer hardly cares about your product. They care about what your product does for them. Implement this for your next campaign!

Let's Chat D2C - Klaviyo's new A/B Testing & Recharge's Bundling

Klaviyo's new A/B Testing

Finally!!!!!!!! This has been something I’ve been wanting for at least a year now, as managing large Klaviyo accounts with extensive testing across 20+ flows has been almost impossible until now…

  • Pre-Updated A/B Testing: Each test runs indefinitely and must be manually updated. To determine statistical significance, performance must be manually exported and then put into a separate statistical significance calculator tool. When you even have 20+ A/B tests running at once, the time it took to continue to check over and over again whether or not statistical significance had been achieved was overwhelming. Even more burdensome, we had to keep a separate log in Google Sheets of all historical A/B tests to inform our testing strategy moving forward.
  • Post-Updated A/B Testing: Klaviyo will AUTOMATICALLY turn off your A/B tests that achieve statistical significance and, even better, will log all of your test results, so your learnings don’t get lost!!!

Learn more here.

Recharge Bundling

We used to leverage Rebundle for all our clients to create their own bundled subscription offerings and allow their customers to build custom subscription boxes! Recharge, to their credit, recognized there was a gap in their platform’s functionality and went out and acquired Rebundle.

Now, Rebundle has been fully integrated into Recharge’s platform as “Bundles” and allows both pre-set and customizable bundles that give subscribers the ability to update the items pre-purchase and after checkout in the customer portal.

From a merchandising standpoint, this gives merchants the control and flexibility needed to boost AOV, improve customer retention, and increase LTV.

Learn more here.

What I'm Thinking About This Week - $100M!

Shopify continues to invest in its ecosystem, and they’ve chosen the platform for email, SMS, push, and most importantly, customer data. Frankly, it’s shocking this didn’t happen sooner because of how closely knit the growth of Klaviyo has been with Shopify - most of Klaviyo’s customers are on Shopify. So why now? Shopify spreading themselves wider with their continual investment into ancillary services allows them to increase their take rate on all ecommerce merchants. As they run into slowing growth on their core platform, this is becoming increasingly important.

I’m excited to see what happens next. Will there be additional metrics and data passed from Shopify to Klaviyo that other platforms aren’t privy to? Will Shopify use its basic email product as a path towards upgrading to Klaviyo? We’ll see!

This Week's The D2Z Podcast

The Power of Integrations in Technology and Team Building with Chathri Ali

🎧 Listen Now 🎧

I sat down with Charthri Ali – head of a team of 6 in growing the Klaviyo technology partner ecosystem (KLAY-V-O is the correct way to pronounce it if you were wondering, but I’m still not saying it that way 😉).

We chat through everything you need to know about being productive with your tech stack – including how to make it more powerful through leveraging integrations.

We even touch on how crucial SMS is to the technology partners investing in Klaviyo and what you can do to maximize this for your business.

Dive into the latest episode for some tips you can implement today!

We explore:

👨‍💻Everything you need to know about building your tech stack

😎How to leverage integrations to increase the power of your tech stack

📲The importance of SMS

App Highlight - Fairing

❓What is It: Shopify’s leading post-purchase question platform.

🏅Differentiator: Native integration into Shopify’s order confirmation page, question streams, targeting questions based on customer type, robust integrations with Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and more.

💰Starting Price: $49/mo for up to 1,000 orders.

🚀How we use it: First and foremost, attribution. It’s the simplest first question to ask a new customer - “Where did you hear about us?” Leverage this to better understand where to invest your marketing efforts and dollars.

Second, zero-party data aggregation to personalize your retention strategy. With their integration into Klaviyo, we can ask questions such as “What’s your skin type? We’ll use this to tailor recommendations moving forward.” From there, we can create a separate retention strategy and set of flows for everyone who answered “dry skin” as an example.

Third, new product development and general ideas! You’ll be amazed at how creative and willing your customers are to suggest what they want to see from your brand next.

Fourth, CRO - “Was your website experience seamless? Why or why not?”

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I’m headed to LA from 8/13 to 8/18; let me know if you're around and want to get together!

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