4-Day Weekend Thoughts

The TL;DR: 

Rebuy: Just download the app you’ll thank me later (and here’s a guide to all the places you need to be using it).

Let’s Chat D2C: Upsell your customers throughout their entire website journey

D2Z Podcast: Director of E-commerce at Auro Bora and I chat CPG marketing, building a team, and more!

Free Resources: I’m building a collection of all the free resources I’ve created and will start updating this frequently!

Looking Forward to Next Week: Wine 101 Ecommerce Enablement Series!

Stop Reading this Email

Hope you’re all enjoying your 4-day weekends! I scheduled this email on Friday so right about now I should be nicely burning on the Atlantic. If you’re reading this right now, stop! And save it for Wednesday :)

App Highlight - Rebuy

❓What is It: AI-Powered Ecommerce Personalization and Recommendations app.

🏅Differentiator: It’s an all-in-one personalization and recommendations engine that displaces what used to require 4-5 separate apps.

💰Starting Price: Free

🚀How we use it: I utilize Rebuy in the three main stages of a consumer’s journey with a brand: Pre-checkout: To increase conversion rate and AOV during the discovery process. During Checkout: Increase AOV Post-Purchase: To boost AOV immediately post-checkout and to improve retention and increase LTV in the post-purchase experience.

There is so much value that Rebuy provides I wasn’t able to get it all into an email, so I built out an overview deck with live examples of how we’re leveraging their technology for current clients!

Ready to just get started? Download the app here!

💡Pro-tip: One of my favorite things to do is to have a large ticket item or kit offered as a 1-click post-purchase upsell with a “limited time” (i.e. 5 minute) 20-30% discount.

Download the Overview

Download the App

Let's Chat D2C - Upsells & Cross-Sells

Upsells!!! Cross-sells!!!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to include these throughout the entire buying process on your website. It’s additional AOV just sitting there waiting for you to capture it!

So where do I put them?

There are 4 main areas I like to upsell and cross-sell:

  • On the product page, incentivize larger quantity orders with slight discounts
  • Make sure to have a slide-out shopping cart and include an “upgrade to subscribe & save” button for each product in cart, as well as feature additional product cross-sells at the bottom.
  • In the checkout process, underneath the items they are purchasing, showcase additional products they can add with 1-click.
  • Post-checkout, have a pop-up immediately show up offering a product for a limited time (i.e. 5 minutes) with some sort of a discount that with 1-click will add on to their already processed order.

I typically see more than 10% of customers take advantage of the post-purchase cross-sell, and that doesn’t even include the results with the 3 other upsell and cross-sell opportunities!

This Week's The D2Z Podcast

CPG Marketing, the Beverage Space, and Creating Great Customer Experiences with Cameron Faist, Director of E-commerce at Auro Bora

🎧 Listen Now 🎧

I sat down with Cameron Faist, Director of E-commerce at Auro Bora, an amazing herb, fruit, and flower sparkling water brand. Their site and brand are super fun and I’d highly recommend you check them out!

We explore how to:

👨‍💻CPG E-commerce and how to take care of your Customers

😎 Best practices and pitfalls to avoid in the beverage space

🎥 Making marketing natural and fun

🧑🧑 Building a good team culture

Listen Now

Free Resources

I’m going to start publishing all of the free resources I’ve created in the last year! And in case you missed my email from this past week, you can re-download the Shopify Editions Summer ‘22 Analysis I did.

Looking Forward to Next Week

As a part of DRINKS acquisition of Electriq, we just launched Wine Online 101, where I host team members from DRINKS and Electriq as well as industry leaders on simple steps any winery can take to launch & grow online. A lot of this is more broadly applicable to general e-commerce as well!

Watch the First Episode!

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