Unlocking Business Growth: Leveraging Gen Z Mindset with Cade Proulx - 102

Unlocking Business Growth: Leveraging Gen Z Mindset with Cade Proulx - 102

In this episode of the D2Z podcast, host Brandon Amoroso and guest Cade Proulx explore the power of leveraging the Gen Z mindset for business growth. Cade, overseeing implementation at Sendlane, shares his journey from Carro to Sendlane, offering insights into the challenges of scaling rapidly and the strategic approach Sendlane adopts to cater to agency needs. They delve into Sendlane's new implementation program, designed to facilitate smooth transitions for clients migrating from platforms like Klaviyo, emphasizing the importance of engaging agency partners.




The conversation evolves to discuss the significance of process-building within companies, with Brandon emphasizing the need for flexibility in established frameworks. They explore the evolving landscape of e-commerce tools and technologies, reflecting on past industry trends and the cyclical nature of app preferences within the Shopify ecosystem. Cade provides insights into Sendlane's personalized approach to onboarding clients and agency partners, stressing the importance of setting clear expectations and delivering value throughout the migration journey.

As they look towards the future, Cade discusses Sendlane's focus on agency partnerships and client growth, highlighting upcoming implementation program updates and the company's commitment to exceptional service. 

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👋 Introduction of Cade Proulx and endlane (00:00:00)

📝 Overview of Sendlane's implementation program and its purpose (00:01:39)

🚀 Importance of scaling quickly and leveraging the agency community (00:03:02)

🏗️ Building a successful process and predicting growth for scalability (00:05:22)

💼 Tailoring processes and pricing based on agency and client needs (00:08:00)

🔍 Importance of questioning and refining processes for optimization (00:09:54)

❓ Challenges agencies face with new tools and technologies in the market (00:11:04)

💡 Setting expectations and providing value to clients during implementation (00:14:19)

🗣️ Communication, feedback, and setting expectations for successful migration (00:16:13)

🛒 Observations on the changing landscape of e-commerce tools and platforms (00:18:03)

📢 Importance of providing direct feedback to solutions providers (00:20:54)

🔄 Transition from Carro to Sendlane (00:25:21)

🔍 Analyzing Customer Experience (00:25:50)

🏢 Building Processes and Culture (00:26:43)

📈 Future Growth Plans (00:30:49)

🏗️ Setting Foundation for Growth (00:32:56)

Cade Proulx

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mateo-velayos/

Sendlane - https://www.sendlane.com/

Website - https://cadeproulx.com/

Brandon Amoroso:

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonamoroso/

Web - https://brandonamoroso.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bamoroso11/

X - https://twitter.com/AmorosoBrandon

Scalis.ai - https://scalis.ai/

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