Scaling Success: Apex, SCALIS' recent acquisition - 98

Scaling Success: Apex, SCALIS' recent acquisition - 98

In this episode of the D2Z Podcast, join Brandon Amoroso and Parker Amoroso in a captivating discussion about SCALIS' recent acquisition, Apex. With over 200,000 subscribers, Apex provides internship and early career opportunities to individuals entering the workforce. Brandon and Parker delve into the strategic reasons behind this acquisition, highlighting the value of scale in talent acquisition and the unique revenue streams it offers.




Explore how Apex provides access to a vast pool of talent, aligning with SCALIS' mission to revolutionize talent acquisition. The conversation delves into the intersection of e-commerce and advertising within the newsletter, emphasizing its role in diversifying media spend and expanding brand outreach. Additionally, they examine the evolving landscape of job boards, emphasizing the importance of targeted advertising to reach specific demographics effectively.

Throughout the episode, Brandon and Parker share insights into the future of Apex, discussing plans for expansion and segmentation to cater to diverse industry needs. They also explore the symbiotic relationship between Apex and SCALIS, highlighting the opportunity for revenue generation and burn mitigation. With a focus on innovation and adaptation, they offer a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for both companies.


🔍 Introduction of SCALIS' recent acquisition, Apex (00:00:29)

🎯 Strategic reasons behind the acquisition and the value of talent acquisition (00:01:16)

💼 Intersection of e-commerce and advertising within the newsletter (00:02:06)

🚀 Plans for expansion and segmentation of Apex (00:09:45)

📊 Benefits of targeted advertising on the Apex newsletter (00:10:14)

🔄 Insights into the evolving landscape of job boards (00:11:06)

💡 Future prospects and revenue generation strategies for Apex (00:14:03)

🛠️ Importance of product feedback and iteration in software development (00:17:06)

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