Revolutionizing Influencer and Affiliate Marketing with Lily Comba - 80

Revolutionizing Influencer and Affiliate Marketing with Lily Comba - 80

Lily Comba, Head of Agency Partnerships at Superfiliate and CEO of Superbloom, joins Brandon Amoroso in the D2Z podcast for an enlightening conversation that uncovers the dynamic world of influencer and affiliate marketing. 


In this episode, Lily shares her extensive background in influencer and affiliate marketing, including her pioneering work with Thrive Market on influencer collaborations. She discusses the challenges posed by outdated tracking methods and underscores the pivotal role technology plays in optimizing influencer and affiliate programs.


Lily's journey takes an intriguing turn as she discovers Superfiliate, a platform poised to revolutionize referral and loyalty programs. She highlights how this platform streamlines processes, offers data-driven insights, and enhances the overall customer experience. Brandon and Lily delve into the significance of a sister agency like Superbloom in supporting brands to unlock the full potential of tech solutions like Superfiliate.


The conversation also explores the evolving influencer landscape, the importance of upholding the integrity of influencer marketing, and the role agencies play in providing consulting and formal support to brands navigating the creator economy. Lily's passion for optimizing influencer marketing shines through, making this episode an invaluable resource for marketers and entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their strategies.

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