Personalized Marketing Strategies & Building Partner Programs from Scratch with Noah Rahimzadeh - 103

Personalized Marketing Strategies & Building Partner Programs from Scratch with Noah Rahimzadeh - 103

In this episode of the D2Z podcast, Noah Rahimzadeh shares his journey from co-founding a health IT company to his current role at Digioh. He talks about how Digioh focuses on personalized marketing for e-commerce, using zero-party data to boost conversions.



Brandon and Noah discuss building a partner program from scratch, going over partner enablement, lead tracking, and managing agency relationships. They also explore different program structures, considering the needs of partners and emphasizing mutual success.

Throughout the episode, Brandon and Noah stress the importance of clear goals and streamlined processes. They also discuss the value of co-marketing initiatives like case studies and joint webinars in driving business growth. Noah outlines Digioh's approach to partnership, focusing on referral incentives, digital services, and co-marketing opportunities for agency partners.

Tune in for a dynamic discussion on driving conversions and fostering success in the digital landscape.



🌟 Introduction and Background of Noah Rahimzadeh (00:00:00)

🔄 Transition from Enterprise Martech to Entrepreneurship (00:01:37)

🔍 Overview of Digioh’s Focus on Marketing Efficiency (00:04:19)

🛍️ Product Offerings: Zero-Party Data Suite and Identification Layer (00:05:03)

🤝 Approach to Partnerships: Tech vs. Agency Partners (00:10:15)

🤝 Leveraging Shared Merchant Opportunities (00:16:13)

🤝 Importance of Mutual Success in Partnerships (00:17:00)

🤝 Building Agency Relationships and Driving Referrals (00:17:52)

💻 Technical build-out and partner program structure considerations (00:18:59)

📈 Lead requirements and partner enablement (00:19:47)

📊 Tracking referrals and managing agency relationships (00:20:33)

🎁 Prioritizing benefits and perks in the partner program (00:22:10)

📣 Co-marketing strategies and joint initiatives (00:22:59)

📈 Case studies and success stories (00:24:37)

🎯 Importance of clear goals and streamlined processes (00:26:11)

📋 Lightweight case studies and marketing opportunities (00:35:05)

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