Media Measurement and E-commerce Optimization with Mike True of Prescient A.I. - 99

Media Measurement and E-commerce Optimization with Mike True of Prescient A.I. - 99

In this episode of the D2Z Podcast, Brandon Amoroso sits down with Michael True, the co-founder and CEO of Prescient A.I., for a great discussion on the evolution of media measurement and optimization in the digital age.



Mike shares his journey from the realm of big tech giants like Oracle and IBM to the founding of Prescient A.I., offering invaluable insights into the platform's transformative trajectory. From predicting profitable tours for midsize record labels to its current focus on media analytics for the music industry and e-commerce, the conversation delves deep into the challenges and innovations driving ROI in today's digital landscape.

Explore the nuances of advertising measurement across various platforms, from the complexities of attributing sales in the music industry to navigating the post-pandemic e-commerce terrain. Brandon and Michael dissect the differences between selling on Amazon versus Shopify, unraveling the intricacies of customer acquisition strategies and brand margins in an ever-evolving market. With candid reflections on agency growth and product development amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Brandon shares his journey from freelancing at USC to spearheading a tech startup, while Mike True offers invaluable insights into aligning teams and gathering user feedback to sculpt product features.

From roadmap visibility to the importance of strategic conversations in shaping product direction, this episode offers a holistic exploration of media analytics, e-commerce dynamics, and entrepreneurial wisdom. Join Brandon and Michael as they navigate the digital landscape, offering profound insights into adapting to change, driving innovation, and staying ahead in today's competitive market.


🎙️ Introduction and background of Mike True and Prescient A.I. (00:00:00)

🎵 Transition from music industry focus to e-commerce (00:06:55)

📈 Challenges and opportunities in measuring advertising impact across channels (00:13:22)

💼 Ideal size of merchants for using Prescient A.I.'s solution (00:17:35)

🛒 Challenges of customer acquisition and brand margins (00:18:58)

👥 Prioritization for CEOs and team building (00:22:14)

💰 Unexpected challenges in startup fundraising (00:24:17)

📢 Acquisition of early adopter customers and roadshows (00:26:12)

🤝 Importance of relationships in the e-commerce community (00:27:23)

🔮 Exciting prospects for the future and research-driven approach (00:29:07)

🎓 Brandon's beginnings freelancing for small businesses during college at USC. (00:31:50)

💼 Reflections on the differences between agency revenue models and tech product development. (00:36:00)

🤝 Importance of aligning people with the vision and gathering user feedback for product development. (00:39:18)

💡Plans for the future, including investing in ventures and helping entrepreneurs. (00:42:21)

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