How to Winback Dormant Email Subscribers with Dean Ginsberg - 93

How to Winback Dormant Email Subscribers with Dean Ginsberg - 93

In this episode, Brandon Amoroso hosts Dean Ginsberg, founder of Winback, as they embark on an illuminating exploration of the email marketing landscape. Join both entrepreneurs as they delve into Dean's journey from agency work to founding Winback, uncovering the intricate nuances of email deliverability and entrepreneurship challenges along the way.



Gain a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations and deliverability challenges associated with reactivating dormant email subscribers. Through Dean's expert analysis, distinctions between client-side and server-side tracking are clarified, shedding light on the significance of predictive pop-ups in email marketing strategies.

Furthermore, Dean unveils Winback's innovative strategies for driving incremental revenue while mitigating risks through targeted approaches and meticulous deliverability monitoring. From exploring the complexities of email marketing deliverability to discussing Winback's performance-based pricing model, this episode offers a comprehensive view of the evolving digital marketing landscape.

Join Brandon and Dean as they navigate the intricacies of email marketing, providing listeners with actionable insights and thought-provoking discussions on optimizing email deliverability and enhancing business performance in today's dynamic digital age.


πŸŽ™οΈ Introduction of Alex Back and (00:00:02)

🀝 The gap between furniture manufacturers and retailers (00:01:50)

πŸ› οΈ Marketplace tech build versus buy decision (00:06:33)

🐣 The chicken and egg problem in building a marketplace (00:12:45)

πŸ“ˆ Leveraging content and SEO for organic growth (00:15:00)

πŸͺ‘ Creating a furniture-first advertising platform (00:17:48)

πŸ’Ό's Business Model (00:18:17)

🎯 Niche Marketing vs. Broad Marketing (00:20:38)

🌍 The Challenge of Being Everywhere (00:21:48)

πŸ“š Lessons from Previous Business (00:25:12)

πŸ“’ Focus on Marketing (00:30:02)

πŸ’Ό Challenges of Multiple Apps in Shopify (00:33:57)

πŸ€” Pros and Cons of Specialization and Consolidation (00:35:27)

πŸš€ The Potential of Shopify and Market Dominance (00:37:53)

🌟 Alex's Journey to Starting (00:38:11)

πŸš€ Launching - A New Opportunity (00:43:06)

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