How to Beat Chargebacks and Save Your E-Commerce Business with Dan Moshkovich - 108

How to Beat Chargebacks and Save Your E-Commerce Business with Dan Moshkovich - 108

In this episode of the D2Z podcast, host Brandon Amoroso chats with Dan Moshkovich, VP of Marketing at Chargeflow, about the increasingly critical issue of e-commerce chargebacks.





 Here are five crucial takeaways from their discussion:

AI is Revolutionizing Fraud Prevention

Dan discusses the evolution of fraud prevention technology, detailing the shift from basic rule-based systems to sophisticated AI-driven solutions. This evolution has dramatically improved transaction approval rates and reduced wrongful rejections, enhancing both security and customer satisfaction in e-commerce.

Understanding 'Friendly Fraud'

The concept of 'friendly fraud'—where legitimate transactions are disputed by customers under false pretenses—poses significant challenges for merchants. Dan explains how Chargeflow addresses this issue post-transaction, a critical area often overlooked by traditional fraud prevention systems that focus solely on the point of sale.

The Strategic Importance of Early Chargeback Management

Implementing chargeback management solutions early in a business’s lifecycle is likened to having insurance against disputes. Dan emphasizes that proactive management can save considerable resources, prevent revenue loss, and reduce the operational burden as transaction volumes grow.

Legal and Financial Consequences

Merchants face serious repercussions if chargebacks are not managed effectively. Dan warns of the potential legal consequences for serial offenders of chargeback abuse and highlights the financial impacts for merchants, including increased processing fees and the risk of needing to switch to high-risk merchant accounts.

Leveraging Data Across Merchant Networks

Chargeflow uses its extensive network data to fight chargebacks more effectively. By analyzing patterns and outcomes across numerous merchants, Chargeflow’s AI tools can predict and respond to disputes more accurately, offering a higher win rate of chargeback resolutions than individual merchants could achieve on their own.

This episode not only sheds light on the complexities of managing e-commerce chargebacks but also offers valuable strategies for merchants to protect their revenues and maintain healthy business operations.


🎤 Introduction to Dan Moshkovich (00:00:00)

🔍 Evolution of Fraud Prevention in E-commerce (00:01:30)

🛡️ Introduction to Chargebacks and 'Friendly Fraud' (00:03:58)

🚨 Challenges in Identifying and Managing Chargebacks (00:05:52)

💼 Impact of Chargebacks on Business and Importance of Early Management (00:10:47)

🔧 Strategic Advantages of Managing Chargebacks through Chargeflow (00:14:12)

⚖️ Legal and Financial Repercussions of Mishandling Chargebacks (00:18:23)

🤖 Optimizing Chargeback Processes with AI and Data Analytics (00:24:37)

🔚 Closing Remarks and Where to Find Chargeflow (00:34:06)

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