Crafting Shopify Memorable Experiences with Mark Sandeno - 109

Crafting Shopify Memorable Experiences with Mark Sandeno - 109

In a world dominated by digital interactions, the physical touchpoint retains a golden, often nostalgic allure, especially when it comes to retail. This is the central theme explored in this episode of the D2Z podcast, where host and Gen Z entrepreneur Brandon Amoroso delves into the realm of experiential retail with Mark Sandeno, CEO of Experiences. The conversation revolves around the power of experiences to transform standard retail environments into memorable, meaningful spaces that forge lasting connections with consumers.





Mark, a seasoned entrepreneur whose journey spans various industries, brings to the table a profound understanding of how experiences can elevate a brand beyond the ordinary. His insights are particularly relevant in today's retail landscape, where the physical and digital converge to create dynamic consumer interactions. The discussion highlights how traditional and emerging brands can harness the "Experience Economy" to thrive in a market where experiences often outweigh physical products in value.

The key takeaway is the undeniable impact of creating memorable moments for customers. Mark illustrates this through examples from his company, which helps businesses on platforms like Shopify offer bookable experiences. Whether it’s goat yoga or candle-making workshops, these experiences are not just about the activities themselves but about creating a story that customers carry with them long after the event is over.

Furthermore, the podcast sheds light on generational shifts in consumer behavior, particularly the value Gen Z and Millennials place on experiences over material goods. This demographic shift underscores the need for brands to adapt and create offerings that resonate on a deeper, more personal level.

This episode serves as a compelling guide for businesses looking to create a competitive edge through experiences that resonate with contemporary consumer desires for engagement, authenticity, and memorable moments.


🎙️ Introduction to Mark Sandeno and Experiential Retail (00:00:00)

🤝 The Role of In-Person Experiences in Marketing (00:06:37)

🔄 Generational Impact on Consumer Preferences (00:08:02)

📈 Expanding the Experience Economy Beyond Conventional Sectors (00:10:17)

🛠️ Strategic Application of Experiential Concepts in Retail (00:26:19)

📞 Closing Insights and Contact Details for Mark Sandeno (00:39:2)

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