Challenges and Myths of E-commerce with Ben Sharf - 91

Challenges and Myths of E-commerce with Ben Sharf - 91

In this episode of the D2Z Podcast, Brandon Amoroso, engages in a compelling discussion about the world of e-commerce with Ben Sharf, the founder of Platter, a Shopify theme and app bundle. Delve into the world of e-commerce optimization from a Gen Z perspective as they discuss the challenges of app overload, consolidation, and enhancing the customer shopping experience. Discover how Platter simplifies e-commerce functionality, saving money, and boosting conversion rates.




Ben Sharf shares his journey, from his college hockey days to his involvement with an early-stage COVID testing startup, and later, his experiences at Gopuff, which provided him with valuable insights into the Shopify ecosystem. The episode dives deep into several crucial e-commerce topics, including the overwhelming issue of app overload and the pressing need for consolidation within the industry.

The conversation highlights the significance of optimizing the customer shopping experience and the role Platter plays in streamlining e-commerce functionality to enhance conversion rates and save money. Furthermore, the episode underscores the value of productized delivery and explores the scalability of Platter's solutions, making it an informative and engaging discussion for anyone interested in e-commerce.

Throughout the episode, Brandon and Ben also touch on the concept of "bad revenue" and how Platter leverages client requests for research and development. They provide insights into the delicate balance between customer demand and a brand's vision for product development. Additionally, the episode delves into the potential pitfalls of making last-minute changes before critical shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering valuable lessons for businesses.

The discussion wraps up by examining the pros and cons of headless websites in e-commerce, shedding light on when and how brands should consider adopting this approach. Overall, this episode of the D2Z Podcast offers an in-depth exploration of the e-commerce landscape, providing valuable takeaways for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to navigate the complex world of online retail.

Don't miss this enlightening conversation for e-commerce enthusiasts seeking to navigate the complexities of the industry.Β 


🌟 Ben Sharf's background and journey to founding Platter (00:00:00)

πŸ”₯ Challenges of app overload on client websites (00:02:54)

πŸ’‘ Debunking the myth of expensive and time-consuming storefronts (00:05:16)

🌐 Market trends towards app consolidation and simplification (00:08:56)

πŸ€” Handling pushback from new clients (00:09:52)

πŸ“Š Variations in brands' pain points and opinions (00:10:14)

πŸš€ Upcoming self-serve option for the Platter app (00:18:50)

πŸ’Ό Scaling the team and building processes (00:19:11)

πŸ”„ The process of scaling and team building (00:19:35)

🀝 Balancing white-glove service with scalability (00:19:11)

πŸ› οΈ Leveraging client requests for R&D and product improvement (00:20:37)

πŸ’‘ Discussing the challenges of product development and client requests (00:21:45)

πŸ—£οΈ The importance of listening to customer feedback in product development (00:22:15)

πŸ’» Pros and cons of headless websites in ecommerce (00:23:21)

πŸ”„ The value of incremental improvements in storefronts (00:24:04)

🌐 The role of high traffic and high volume in considering headless websites (00:24:39)

🧩 The complexity and challenges of managing a headless store (00:25:26)

🀯 The drawbacks of managing large teams and meetings (00:26:37)

πŸ€” The misconceptions and complexities of headless websites (00:31:54)

🌐 Get in touch with Ben (00:40:10)

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