Amazon Success Secrets: Navigating E-commerce with Mike Begg - 105

Amazon Success Secrets: Navigating E-commerce with Mike Begg - 105

In this episode of the D2Z Podcast, Brandon Amoroso hosts Mike Begg, founder and CEO of AMZ Advisors. Together, they explore the rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce with a focus on the Amazon platform. Mike shares his entrepreneurial journey, detailing his transition from real estate development to launching AMZ Advisors, which now employs 60 people. Key insights include how evolving client expectations shape agency strategies and the importance of finding the right client fit.





Mike also discusses the challenges and opportunities for businesses on Amazon, highlighting the platform's increasingly "pay-to-play" nature, the proliferation of advertising options, and the need for tight supply chains and IP protection. He underscores the critical role of diversification in driving traffic from off-platform sources like social media, affiliates, and influencers to maximize brand visibility and conversions.

Further, Mike provides a blueprint for launching a brand on Amazon in 2024, focusing on high-margin, consumable products with strong customer lifetime value. He emphasizes the importance of leveraging external channels to build awareness and reviews while also acknowledging the challenges posed by Amazon's growing complexity. Additionally, the conversation touches on the future growth areas for Amazon, such as expanding off-platform advertising and live-stream shopping.


🛤️ Mike Begg's Background & Journey into E-commerce (00:00:00)

🏢 Challenges of Building an Agency (00:03:00)

🌎 Relocating to Mexico (00:06:38)

🎯 Client Profile & Sweet Spot (00:08:16)

⚖️ Positive and Negative Changes on Amazon (00:11:42)

🛡️ Intellectual Property & Supply Chain Challenges (00:14:16)

⭐ Gaining Initial Reviews for New Brands (00:17:13)

📈 Media Buying On and Off Amazon (00:19:15)

🚀 Launching a Brand on Amazon in 2024 (00:20:53)

🌟 Growth Prospects for Amazon (00:23:02)

💸 Reducing AWS Costs via Investor Credits (00:26:07)

📧 Contact Information & Closing Thoughts (00:27:09)

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