The Shift in Media Consumption and Advertising Trends with Carter Snyder - 75

The Shift in Media Consumption and Advertising Trends with Carter Snyder - 75

Show Notes, Transcript, and Podcatchers

Carter Snyder of the Sasha Group helps us traverse the evolving landscape of media consumption and advertising. We discuss how the giants of digital platforms - like Walmart and Amazon, and dominant streaming services - are molding the way we consume media. From the rise of social media apps like TikTok, challenging Facebook's reign, to the diversion from linear TV to streaming, we examine these seismic shifts, and also share our personal experiences and the benefits of career adaptability in this fast-paced world.

Carter and I delve into how TikTok is shaking up Google search, exploring the paradigm shift in information consumption. We discuss the significance of discovering your niche, the power of authenticity, and the crucial understanding of media mix across channels. Balancing the delicate act of collaborating with existing teams while strategizing with client's budget, business objectives, and data in mind is also on our conversation menu.

We also dive into the art of managing teams and building brands and on striking the right balance between learning for growth and accommodating various working styles. We share insights on providing guidance without overwhelming team members and handling situations when performance doesn't meet expectations.

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