Evolving an Antiquated Wine Industry with Patrick Pazos - 68

Evolving an Antiquated Wine Industry with Patrick Pazos - 68



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Welcome back to the D2Z Podcast with your host, Brandon Amoroso. Today, we're joined by Patrick Pazos, the new Sales Manager of DRINKS.com and Electriq, to discuss the fascinating intersection of wine and e-commerce.

We start by discussing the huge opportunity that wine producers have in the e-commerce space with Shopify. Patrick sheds light on why it's important for wineries to move away from traditional, legacy technology and embrace the advanced tech stacks and integrations offered by Shopify.

The conversation then moves to the importance of a cohesive Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) system. It's surprising to see that even major, revenue-generating wine producers are still stuck using antiquated systems. 

Marketing, or the lack thereof, is a big topic too. We talk about the gap in market research within the wine industry and the potential improvements that can be made. Patrick stresses the crucial need for wineries to establish a direct relationship with their customers for long-term success.

We also explore how businesses can go beyond the website to truly engage with customers. We talk about the vital role of branding and brand positioning in a saturated marketplace. 

Closing out our chat, we delve into the future role of AI. We talk about how AI is shaping the marketplace and where it might be particularly beneficial for wineries.

Tune into this episode of the D2Z Podcast for a great conversation on digital strategy, marketing, and e-commerce. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more insights and discussions. Enjoy the show!

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