Insights into Expanding Businesses with Phil Sblendorio - 66

Insights into Expanding Businesses with Phil Sblendorio - 66


In this episode of The D2Z Podcast, I'm speaking with Phil Sblendorio, the CRO at AMB Interactive. Phil uncovers the secret sauce behind building, growing, and scaling successful businesses. We share our firsthand experiences, highlighting the importance of brand experience, navigating market challenges, and the pros and cons of partnering in business. We'll also discuss the significance of celebrating milestones throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Scaling an agency requires assembling the right team, and Phil and I delve deep into effective hiring strategies. We explore the practicality of utilizing referrals and questionnaires to filter out unqualified candidates, and reveal how to incentivize team members for optimal performance. We also shed light on the importance of a unified reporting system and accurate data when working with clients. It's not just about the numbers; finding the right people and enabling their growth within the company is key.

We discuss the financial implications of transitioning from juggling multiple jobs to focusing solely on your business. Additionally, we share our personal experiences on scaling our own businesses and the decision-making process behind transitioning certain roles from outsourcing to in-house operations. 

Join us for this jam-packed episode as we take your business to new heights! 🚀

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