DTC Customer Service, Tech Integrations, and Retention with Gorgias’ Marco Shinouda - 63

DTC Customer Service, Tech Integrations, and Retention with Gorgias’ Marco Shinouda - 63


This episode of the D2Z Podcast is presented by Gorgias, the number one Shopify customer support platform, helping brands like BrüMate and 11,000 more turn their customer support into a profit center.

In today's episode of the D2Z podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marco Shinouda, Partnerships Manager at Gorgias, an e-commerce integrated helpdesk platform.

We kicked off the conversation by diving into the importance of integrations within the Shopify ecosystem. Marco shared insights on how Gorgias prioritizes which platforms to integrate with and how they collaborate with tech partners to create seamless integrations.

One of the unique aspects of Gorgias is that it is specifically designed for e-commerce customer service. We explored the differences between Gorgias and legacy help desks like Zendesk, highlighting the features and functionalities that make Gorgias stand out.

We then delved into a discussion comparing the Shopify ecosystem with other popular e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Marco shared his perspectives on the strengths and benefits of the Shopify ecosystem for merchants.

Customer service plays a crucial role in retention, so we explored how businesses can leverage it as a retention strategy. Marco shared best practices for customer support and highlighted the importance of automation in delivering efficient and personalized customer service.

Find Brandon Amoroso at https://www.brandonamoroso.com and https://www.electriqmarketing.com.

Find Marco Shinouda at https://www.linkedin.com/in/marco-shinouda/ and Gorgias at https://gorgias.grsm.io/brandon.
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