Shopify Plus, E-commerce Trends, and Simplifying the Tech Stack with Jay Sethi - 60

Shopify Plus, E-commerce Trends, and Simplifying the Tech Stack with Jay Sethi - 60



This episode of the D2Z Podcast is presented by Gorgias, the number one Shopify customer support platform, helping brands like BrüMate and 11,000 more turn their customer support into a profit center.



In this episode, I'm joined by Jay Sethi, a Mid Market Account Executive at Shopify Plus. We discuss the new environment that merchants are navigating when it comes to customer acquisition and how it prompts their desire to explore Shopify as a solution.


For all merchants, the challenge of driving traffic to their sites and boosting sales is always top of mind. We dive into the impact of changes, such as the iOS update, and the importance of improving site navigation to prevent drop-offs.


One of the big trends we explore is the desire among merchants to simplify their tech stack, using fewer apps and custom-built solutions that require less management from development teams. Additionally, we discuss how businesses are adapting to new opportunities, whether they're transitioning from B2C to B2B or seeking to automate B2B processes for improved efficiency.


As Shopify expands into new verticals, agencies are following suit, helping businesses simplify their tech stack. We highlight the low-hanging fruit in various industries and the excitement of witnessing merchants take off and grow.


Lastly, we touch on the importance of repurposing content to work throughout the entire marketing profile, leveraging its potential for increased reach and impact.
Tune in to this episode for insights into customer acquisition, tech stack simplification, industry trends, and the power of repurposing content.


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