Tech Partnerships,  Retention, and Diversity with Megan Blissick, - 53

Tech Partnerships, Retention, and Diversity with Megan Blissick, - 53



In this episode of the podcast, Brandon speaks with Megan Blissick from The discussion centers around partnership programs and how they operate within the ecommerce ecosystem. They also highlight's unique approach is the use of tracking technology in ecommerce to capture potential customers with abandoned carts across devices. 


The conversation touches on the differences between working at a big company versus a growing startup, and the importance of building processes while navigating the sunk-cost bias. Megan also shares insights on leveraging partnerships for sales and business development, building mutual success and referrals, and educating partners on how to work with the product. Megan also shares tips and tricks on growing and scaling a team, including hiring tips and diversity. 


The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of putting dogs on websites.  


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