Brandon Amoroso Vinexpo Bordeaux

Brandon Amoroso is a Gen-Z entrepreneur, small business consultant, and the founder of electrIQ marketing, a boutique agency that specializes in helping small businesses grow their digital footprint and acquire new customers. From a family of entrepreneurs, he has an innate passion for helping small businesses grow.

Brandon leads the business assessment for each electrIQ client and manages the servicing teams against each client’s customized goals.  Previously a growth marketer for, His experience includes search (SEO), social, content, paid advertising, PR outreach and overall strategy for nationally marketed brands such as Wine Insiders.

Outside of work, Brandon is an avid traveler, dog lover and self-proclaimed foodie.

Biz: @electriqmarketing

Dog: @bella.thecavapoodle

Food: @michelinbrandon

Personal: @bamoroso11